North Dakota

These maps show population and school changes in North Dakota.

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Map 1. Racial Dot Map of Changes

This map shows the racial population based on the 2000 US Census (left) and the 2015-19 American Community Survey (right). One dot equals 50 people.

Map 2. School Changes by Race and School Type

This map shows the racial isolation status of schools in 2000 (left) and 2019-20 (right). The other category represents a combination of minoritized races, or one not listed. For example, if a school is 50% Black and 45% Hispanic, it would be categorized as “Other Non-White Isolated.” It would also receive this classification if, for example, it were 90% Asian. Data are from the National Center for Education Statistics. The school locations may be slightly different in each year due to differences in the precision of the geolocation tool. The legend is embedded in the map.