Explore a sampling of our projects. The page will be updated as we release new maps and spatial stories.

Population change and school change in the United States. This project uses maps from every state in the United States to explore the relationship between neighborhood racial demographic change and school demographic change. The map depicts population data from the 2000 census and 2015-19 American Community Survey (the latter soon to be replaced by the 2020 census). The map viewer may swipe the maps to see how the population changed. The project also includes maps that show the school racial demographics for 2000 and 2018-19. Click here to explore the project.

Charter School Map. This map shows the location of traditional public schools and charter schools in the United States. Click here to explore the project.

School Racial Demographics in the United States, 2018-19. The United States is becoming an increasingly multi-racial and multi-cultural society. But are its schools? This map depicts the distribution of majority-white and majority-nonwhite schools in the United States. School labels are classified by percent white and total student population. The red dots are majority-white schools and the purple dots are majority-minority schools. The lighter colors represent greater school diversity. This map sees the impact of race on school enrollment patterns. Do you? Click here to explore the page.

Measuring and Mapping Childcare in Alabama. Using state administrative data from child care licensing and subsidy, we present five approaches to mapping Alabama’s regulated center-based and home-based child care access with a focus on children receiving child care subsidies. We offer maps for each of the five approaches by Child Management Agency (CMA) region, including separate maps for four cities: Birmingham, Mobile, Huntsville, and Montgomery. Click here to explore the page.